Identify the Importance of the Hebrew BibleEdit

  • TANAK is a word formed from the first letters of the three section names (Torah, Neviim and Kethuvim)
  • It comprises of 24 books, which are similar to the 39 books of the Christian Old Testament.
  • Represents historical events, and were written in the order of events.
  • The TANAK is thought to have been written by many authors over many years.
  • The Torah represents several intertwined reflections upon the past that validate contemporary understanding.
  • The Neviim covers the period from the entry into the land of Israel to the Babylonian exile.
  • The Kethuvim covers wisdom, literature, poetry and the latter historical works.
  • The term “Hebrew” in Hebrew bible refers to the language that it is written and spoken in.

Identify the Importance of the TalmudEdit

Examine Extracts from the Hebrew Scriptures which Demonstrate the Principal Beliefs of JudaismEdit

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