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Identify the Importance of the Hebrew Bible[]

  • TANAK is a word formed from the first letters of the three section names (Torah, Neviim and Kethuvim)
  • It comprises of 24 books, which are similar to the 39 books of the Christian Old Testament.
  • Represents historical events, and were written in the order of events.
  • The TANAK is thought to have been written by many authors over many years.
  • The Torah represents several intertwined reflections upon the past that validate contemporary understanding.
  • The Neviim covers the period from the entry into the land of Israel to the Babylonian exile.
  • The Kethuvim covers wisdom, literature, poetry and the latter historical works.
  • The term “Hebrew” in Hebrew bible refers to the language that it is written and spoken in.

Identify the Importance of the Talmud[]

Examine Extracts from the Hebrew Scriptures which Demonstrate the Principal Beliefs of Judaism[]