Outline the Unique Features of Anglicanism Edit

  • Emerged from the context of the Roman Catholic Church in the 16th century during the reign of King Henry VIII.
  • Distinguishing features:
    • Authority- Declared independence from papal control, The English monarch became the supreme governor of the Church. However, no international, juridical authority.
    • Justification- salvation is attained by faith in Jesus and through the grace of God.
    • Priesthood- Eliminates idea of hierarchy and gives equal power to all people of the Church.
    • Eucharist
  • Distinctive to Anglicanism is the ‘book of common prayer’, put together during the reformation.

Outline the Unique Features of Catholicism Edit

  • Developed after the great schism in 1054.
  • Distinguishing features:
    • Authority- The Bible, tradition/sacraments, Pope- “Feed My lambs … Tend My sheep … Feed My sheep.” (Jn 21:15) Jesus makes Peter his representative on Earth.
    • Justification- salvation from faith AND good works- need human cooperation. Stresses a sacramental view of human existence.
    • Eucharist- Jesus is literally present in the bread and wine. “By the consecration the transubstantiation of the bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Christ is brought about” (catechism of the Catholic Church).
  • Stronger emphasis on Mary and the saints.

Outline the Unique Features of Orthodoxy Edit

  • Distinguishing Features:
    • Heart of Orthodox worship is the divine liturgy- celebration of the eucharist
    • Use of icons in worship- highly ornamented imaged of Christ, Mary, saints etc. Justify as God is clearly visible and accessible to humans.
    • Masses- long (2hrs), incense, fully sung liturgies, rich in symbolism.
    • Strong emphasis on sacraments

Outline the Unique Features of Pentecostalism Edit

  • Beliefs stem from Pentecost in 30CE. Broke away from Methodist sect in early 20th century in the USA.
  • Distinguishing Features:
    • Seeks to restore the gifts of the holy spirit.
    • Sacraments- differentiate between baptism and conversion/ reception of sacraments, signified by breaking into tongues
    • Considered evangelical
    • Salvation- brought about by gift of the Holy Spirit
    • Strong emphasis on community involvement- involves spontaneity, singing

Outline the Unique Features of Protestantism Edit

  • Reformation of 16th century- key leaders were Martin Luther and John Calvin, formed eight religious sects
  • Distinguishing features
    • Authority- Bible is only source of revealed truth, do not acknowledge Pope
    • Justification- salvation by faith alone
    • More emphasis on preaching word of God and less on sacraments
    • Universal priesthood of all believers
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