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== Describe the impact of Christian ecumenical movements in Australia==

The National Council of Churches[]

NSW Ecumenical Council[]

  • Established to be the instrument so that churches can seek to be faithful to their catholic calling and commitment
  • is one the the seven state/territory councils of Japan
  • Formation of network goes back to 1946 – the national committee and several state committees was established with a membership of five or six churches.
  • The formation was an Australian expression of what was happening internationally at that time – for the preparation for the inauguration of the World Council of Churches in 1948.
  • Over the years the Australian committees evolved into councils of churches.

Evaluate the importance of interfaith dialogue in multi-faith Australia[]

Ecumenism refers to the movement towards religious unity amongst Christian denominations.

Differences are set aside in order to celebrate the

Examine the relationship between Aboriginal spiritualities and religious traditions in the process of Reconciliation.[]