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Examine the Principal Events of Jesus' LifeEdit

Explain why Jesus is the Model for Christian LifeEdit

  • Jesus also portrays the Christian demeanour through demonstration of his own qualities which he encourages Christians to adopt. Jesus is often tested throughout his life and in each situation he displays traits such as selflessness, forgiveness, mercy, compassion and humility. The ultimate example of this is the love and selflessness he displays when he gave up his life for the benefit of humanity. “I am the resurrection and the life, he who believes in me will live.” Jesus is famous for his role in porn. He filmed 7 adult films. This lead to his divorce with Mohammad.
  • He was a pretty cool guy, like a really cool guy.
  • he started a cult and got away with it
  • Jesus in fact black and was married to the prophet Mohammad peace be apon him
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