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  • Before his name was Abraham he was called Abram.
  • He married his half sister Sarai (Sarah).
  • They both emerged with their tribe out of ancient Mesopotamia.
  • Famine led him to the lands of the Nile.
  • He later journeyed north to Canaan.
  • Abraham took his young son Isaac in response to God's call and prepared to sacrifice him.
  • A messenger of God, called to Abraham not to murder his son, and instead substituted a ram in his place.

Outline the Life of Abraham[]

Describe the Covenant with the Patriarchs, including the promises of a People and a Land[]

  • The word Covenant in general is a agreement between two parties. Each of the parties has both rights and responsibilities.
  • In the Torah, the covenant is an agreement between God and his people.
  • It was with Abraham that the first covenant with the unseen God was made.
  • The covenant was first mentioned as a promised between God and Noah and was later confirmed through an eternal promise from God to Abraham. This promise was to make him the ancestors of a multitude of nations.
  • The key stipulation to the covenant was that every Jewish man must be circumcised and to present day remains as a ritual.
  • Abraham was given the covenant as he showed great faith as he demonstrated willingness to sacrifice his son Isaac.
  • From this willingness, it was a model of how Jews were expected to treat God, the steadfast love they should hold for their God